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Which generation needs more praise? Australian police commissioner clarifies Gen Z comment

  Since about the birth of boomers, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of generations has been a perilous exercise almost guaranteed to cause offense.

So when Australia’s Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner offered an “interesting” aside on generational differences while addressing senators in Parliament House on Thursday, there was little chance it would pass unnoticed.

Referring to the “Pearls in Policing Conference” held in Sydney this week, where he sat next to police officers from Toronto and the United States, Commissioner Reece Kershaw said: “We learned that Gen Z, the younger generation, need three times a week praise from their supervisors, the next generation only need three times a year, and my generation only need once a year.”

The comment prompted raised eyebrows in the Australian parliamentary room, and no end of commentary on social media discussing the relative neediness of the nation’s youngest workers.

The matter may have petered out, but the AFP sought to clarify the issue on Friday with a two-line statement: “Reports that AFP Commissioner believes different generations require different level of praise are incorrect. The Commissioner was referring to information recently presented to a policing forum.”

That information came from Michael McQueen, a social researcher and author of several books, including “How to Prepare Now for What’s Next,” who presented at the conference.

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